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Sep 03


Lore Olympus: Volume 1-3

by Sherri

Some readers may be familiar with the origins of this series. It began as a wildly popular web comic published on the WebToons website. I wasn't familiar with it, when my husband purchased the new hardcover print edition for me on a whim for Christmas. And boy was this a treat.

Lore Olympus is a gorgeous comic. The colours and style are not something I've ever seen before - I'm used to dark, gritty colours and sharp line-work. Lore Olympus is a palette cleanser. It uses pastels, more pink than I've ever seen in a graphic novel, and a paint-brush style that is like a balm for the eyes. Just beautiful.

The story takes the Greek gods and goddesses and turns them into a high-society drama. With the usual parties, relationships, secrets and gossip to go with it. We follow the young, naive goddess of spring, Persephone as she steps into this society - like entering a tank full of sharks.

It's not all fluff though, the books do dip into serious topics, and I couldn't help but grow attached to Persephone and am rooting for her to come into her own confidence and role as a young adult independent from her powerful mother and the machinations of the people around her.

I've now read the first three volumes, and will definitely seek out the next one.

Sep 03


Review: The Nice House On The Lake: Volume 2

by Sherri

I was eager to return to the story of the Nice House on the Lake, and Volume 2 didn't disappoint. The book begins with the twist introduced at the end of Volume 1 and readers are again left reeling and confused - much like the characters. We learn more about their enigmatic captor Walter while the quest for answers (and escape) seems to take a few steps backward. As the story continues however we get a fascinating peek behind the scenes of the beautiful prison they're in. The conflicts thrown at our group get stranger and more interesting.

Volume 2 keeps up the quality storytelling and somewhat chaotic art style while delivering substantial progress to the plot and more character development. Absolutely on par with the first volume and definitely left me anticipating the next collection.

Nov 24


Review: The Nice House On The Lake

by Sherri

What begins as a seemingly typical 'kidnapped by a psycho' horror or mystery story, quickly adds an apocalyptic twist and a steadily tightening sense of anxiety as we get to know our group of characters and their individual reactions to their predicament grow more and more extreme.

Who is their mysterious captor? What is the lakehouse and why this particular location? What do the strange works of art mean? Who (or what) is their strange captor?

With an art style that sometimes adds to the confusion, Nice House On The Lake sets up a tense brand of worldbuilding and genre-hopping twists. Very much looking forward to the next anthology.