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Sep 03


Lore Olympus: Volume 1-3

by Sherri

Some readers may be familiar with the origins of this series. It began as a wildly popular web comic published on the WebToons website. I wasn't familiar with it, when my husband purchased the new hardcover print edition for me on a whim for Christmas. And boy was this a treat.

Lore Olympus is a gorgeous comic. The colours and style are not something I've ever seen before - I'm used to dark, gritty colours and sharp line-work. Lore Olympus is a palette cleanser. It uses pastels, more pink than I've ever seen in a graphic novel, and a paint-brush style that is like a balm for the eyes. Just beautiful.

The story takes the Greek gods and goddesses and turns them into a high-society drama. With the usual parties, relationships, secrets and gossip to go with it. We follow the young, naive goddess of spring, Persephone as she steps into this society - like entering a tank full of sharks.

It's not all fluff though, the books do dip into serious topics, and I couldn't help but grow attached to Persephone and am rooting for her to come into her own confidence and role as a young adult independent from her powerful mother and the machinations of the people around her.

I've now read the first three volumes, and will definitely seek out the next one.