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Upcoming Events


Event starts: 2023-05-06, 10:00am

Event ends: 2023-05-07, 18:00pm

Where: RGComics

BESIDES the team up with Paper Heroes and Cartoon Kingdom (plus all our side missions)
in house you get 3 FREE comics of your choice
PLUS 25% store wide SALE
as well as all $1 are 25 cents or a full long box for $100
AAAND if tht wasn't ENOUGH
WE are being joined at out location by
#Waffeltruck AND

Batman Day

Event starts: 2023-09-16, 11:00am

Event ends: 2023-09-15, 18:00pm

Where: RGComics

25% Off ALL Bat AND Batman Family related merch as well as some awesome FREE Shwag

B-Day SALE!!!

Event starts: 2023-09-23, 11:00am

Event ends: 2023-09-24, 18:00pm

Where: RGComics

come help us celebrate 18 NERDY years! AND enjoy our 25% off store wide sale!