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Mar 19


Hours/Procedures Covid-19

by Shawn

All of us here at RGComics would like to keep our community strong, safe and thriving, in doing so a few things will (temporarily) change moving forward.
(AND ALL OF THIS MAY VERY WELL CHANGE on a day to day basis)
our "normal" hours of operation will be from 12-6 Wed thru Sat as well as Sunday thru Tuesday (for now)
our "NON normal" hours of operation for those of you with health deficiencies/concerns we will be taking appointments for the first and last hour of each day. SO from 11am to 12pm and 6pm until 7pm will be reserved for those clients with specific needs.
we have obtained a cordless debit/credit machine and will be happy to serve you curbside.
we will also be offering shipping to ALL customers with email payments.
once a week we will be trying out a delivery system to those interested, with a minimal fee for all orders under $50.
all of these precautions and contingencies may very well change daily.
be safe and look out for one another.
feel free to call/email/text any questions or concerns